Holo Bracelet – Mystic Aura Quartz Bracelet


Holo Bracelets are glass iridescent beaded bracelets where colour reflects when direct light hits it. Each bead will reflect a different colour depending on the angle on which the light hits the bead. Holo Bracelets are also known as “Mystic Aura Quartz Bracelets” and “Mermaid Bracelets”.

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Mystic Aura Quartz Bracelet

The Holo Bracelet is a stretch bracelet using quality mystic aura quartz beads. Our mystic aura quartz bracelets are made by hand with quality control on each bracelet, knowing you’re getting a legitimate product and not a cheap knock off.


Another common name for our Holo Bracelet is “Mermaid Bracelet” or “Mermaid Glass Bracelet“.


Mystic Aura Quartz Beads

We use 8mm beads on our bracelets with 8mm stretch elastic to ensure your bracelet will last longer than cheaper versions.


Reduced Overheads

Here at Holo Jewels we focus more on the product and not the packaging, passing the saving back onto you. Our bracelets are up to 50% cheaper than others online, and that’s because we don’t spend a lot of money on packaging, we just want you to wear the bracelet.

Weight 16 g



Mermaid Bracelet, Iridescent Beaded Bracelet, Aura Crystal Bracelet


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